Open Street Festival 2016 Adorns The MG Road In Bangalore: A Picture Story  

By Richa Sharma

Rappers, musicians, jugglers, artists, clowns and the open road had made Bangalore’s MG Road wallow in an Open Street festive mood on Sunday, 21st January from 9 am to 9 pm.  MG Road, famous for its impatient honking at signals had transformed into a beautiful street free of vehicles. Horns replaced by pleasant music and laughter on the street as people of all age groups and genders were there to enjoy this spectacular transformation even though it was just for a day.

The Open Street organised by the department of urban land transport (DULT) and Bangalore coalition for Open Streets, organised this event allowing pedestrians to freely stroll through the street without fearing to be hit over by a vehicle. MG Road must have been bored and tired of the heavy monsters that passed through the street every day and enjoyed this colourful event.

(Rumours claim that BTM Layout will be the next street to host a carnival like this.)


1. The huge arch at the Anil Kumble Circle read “Welcome” in Kannada and Bangalore welcomed this initiative of the carnival with the enthusiasm it deserved.


2. This street was crowded with thousands of people exploring every corner with zeal and gusto.


3. This road which gives us the feel of bumpy rides was decorated with artistic rangolis. Children were Open to consider the road as their blackboard.



4. The MG Road Metro Station got a refreshing makeover as artists had the entire stretch to showcase their artworks.


5. Singers and dancers staged their performances on the road adding more fun and entertainment as the audience exuded a heightened sense of celebration.



6. People irrespective of their age groups enjoyed speedball, cycling, skateboarding and other such activities.


7. Traditional dancers flaunted their radiant costumes in an effort to bring back the endangered archetypes.


8. Shopaholics, you know this event was for you all. There was something for everybody. Without shopping how could this event be a success?


9. Last but the MOST important for me, FOOD! The scorching heat discovered cravings that were shying away because of the winter.

12768123_1681367275464671_3105410793223151585_o 12779213_1122109064490069_245896884821613739_o

Unlike the regular commercial carnivals, this was a refreshingly different experience. People here had come to enjoy. This event was a success as hosts made sure there was something for everybody. The participants and organizers rejuvenated MG Road, Bangalore with such a colourful and pleasant day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bangalore, the IT hub, will soon become an attractive destination for tourists if such festivals are organized.

Image credits: Facebook, Google, Richa Sharma

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