These Pictures Will Make You Love Mumbai Even More

By Medha Malaviya

Wish to be a star or wish to be rich, this city holds the power to make all your wishes come true. Accredited with thousand names like “The most populous city of the country” or “The financial capital of the country” or “The Shanghai of the country” etc. etc. etc. are all synonyms to Mumbai.

The growth of this port city has been gradual and steady. Series of stable governments and hard-working industrialists have made Bombay Mumbai today. Mumbai is more than Maharashtra and that is what makes it different from other regional capitals. Reasons maybe historical or geographical, but they have all contributed to the city’s rise. A series of pictures depicting the Mumbai’s journey have been compiled below:

1. Gateway Of India, 1948


2. Taj Mahal Hotel, 1920

BN-CP195_imahar_G_20140430090609 1920

3. Bombay Streets, 1942


4. Bombay, 1909

Old-Bombay 1816

5. General Post Office, Before Independence


6. CST, Present Day


7. Moti Bazaar, 1899


8. CST, 1930s


9. Churchgate Station, Before Independence


10. Hornby Road, 1930

Hornby road 1930

11. CST, 1888

CST 1888

12. Marine Drive, 1912

Marine drive 1912

13. Rampart Row, 1890

Rampart Row 1890

The Rise of this ‘port’ city is no less than phenomenal and we are proud to have lion’s city in our nation.

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