Ever Heard Of A ‘Mobile Museum’? This Artist Decided To Create One In Dharavi, Mumbai

By Medha Malaviya

Can museums be quirky? Are slums worth remembering? How are slums and museums related? These questions are mind-boggling and in no way related. But the next two months will change your perception about them Museums have always been associated with geeks. History buffs who are typical outcasts find their way into the museum. If this is what you have always believed then it’s time to undo this myth. Museums will no longer be monotone instead will be quirky and funky as hell.

dharavi 1

Amsterdam-based artist Jorge Mañes Rubio with art historian Amanda Pinatih have decided to create a ‘mobile museum’ to highlight the artistic ability and creativity of Dharavi slum-dwellers. According to Rubio, Dharavi is a tough place to survive, yet the people are constantly reinventing themselves. The museum will include items used by the residents on daily basis like tea cups, brooms, filters etc. painted in vivid colours and arranged on and around a colourful handcart.

dharavi 2

It is unfortunate that these slum dwellers are always slummed and face bias. Millions of people land up in Mumbai every year. Sky-rocketing land price makes them live in the slums. But Dharavi is no more slums. Generations have lived and run their business in it’s by lanes. An eyesore to some Dharavi is now ready for a makeover.

Dharavi 3

This is an innovative idea to redo Dharavi as well as museums in our country. A new swanky and uber cool learning space in the country will encourage more and more to visit these new ‘never ventured before lands’.  Added revenue for the government can surely help Dharavi develop quicker. A win-win situation for everybody!

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