An Extra Day To Be Stupid: Wacky Facts About Leap Day

By Arpita Mahapatra

Leap Day has been much talked about. Like that annoying door ka rishtedaar who visits once in a blue moon steals your limelight and makes you wonder what you are doing with your life. Some people take it seriously as one more day added to your lifespan which you must make the most of, and with utmost sincerity. These people go out of their way to do things they would normally postpone while being caught up in the drudgery of daily life. Others find it a valid excuse to pamper themselves. #BeingTourist #RetailTherapy #LongDrive

Then there are those “leaplings” or “leapers” who were born on the 29th of February. Some of them refuse to count their actual age and wish to hold on to their imaginary youth by only considering the birthdays that come in a leap year. Others don’t, but have a special celebration whenever their actual birthday comes around.

 Here are some fascinating, and some annoying facts about the 29th Of February:

  1. Lord Byron, The Badass Romantic Poet, Was Also A Leaper.


Well, not literally. *Coughs* But he did have his birthday on a Leap Day which possibly means anyone born on the 29th of February will be exceptionally good looking. And! Talented!

  1. This Day Is Also Known As Rare Disease Day. *Go Figure*


Rare Disease Day was established by the EURORDIS in 2008 and is observed on the last day of February. It’s meant to create awareness regarding rare diseases such that better medical treatment and financial support can be provided to those suffering from a disease (which comes under this category) as well as their families.

  1. Hobbits Don’t Just Have 29 Days In The Month Of February. They Have 30.


As for those who exist outside fantasy novels, people in Finland and Sweden included another day in their leap year to upgrade their calendar. So, in 1712, they had a 30th February.

  1. Since The 1700’s, Women Are Said To Have The “Right” To Propose To A Man On This Very Special And Rare Day.

Also, if she MUST do so, she has to wear breeches to look like a man. As if that weren’t ingenious (not!) enough, the man has to pay a fine if he refuses: 12 gloves to hide her ‘embarrassment’ at being rejected. Wow. I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude, I think I will melt.

Anyway, here’s hoping this extra day will be special for you for the right reason. (Read: may you get your salary today, instead of one day later.)  Adios, mi amigos.

All images have been taken from Google.

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