The Legacy Lives On At The London Fashion Week For Alexander McQueen: AW16 Collection

By Cherryy Chauhan

With a peppy fall collection couture in trend, the London Fashion Week was kicked off on February 19, 2016. As a tradition, the LFW witnessed a series of high-spirited as well as suave designs from designers all over the world including London’s very own Lee Alexander McQueen.

McQueen passed away back in 2010 and the creative direction of the label was handed over to his close apprentice and protégé Sarah Jane Burton. Since then, Sarah’s efforts in continuing the name of the legendary designer have been tremendous. Owing to that, the label’s fall collection was one of the most outstanding moments of the day. Here’s a look:

Quirky Coats

The collection featured some simple yet quirky coats with prints of pocket watches, butterflies, and flowers. Sculpted finely and hand painted, the coats were a symbolism to McQueen’s innovative yet stylish approach to modern fashion. The subtle makeup was complementing the vivid fashion nicely yet strongly.


Intense Lacework

It was one of the highlights of the collection. The smooth transition from bold black coats to sleek lace covered dresses was absolutely dramatic. The lacework involved multiple instances of efficient layering and the contrasting colors of the dress were simply beautiful.


Chiffon And Corsets

Sarah Burton is called as “the woman of the night”. Which is why the collection was more like an odyssey to that. The stunning chiffon layers sticking up, from the underneath of an impressive and evocative corset were completely astonishing and linked every bit to the essence of the night.


Cutout Dresses

Ever since the beginning of the year cutouts have made an impressionistic impact on the fashion world. No far behind, were Sarah Burton’s cutout dresses that featured another instance of her love for feminine prints. Flowers, butterflies, floating lips, eyes and of course, birds. The fall off shoulder dresses were simply delightful!


Artistic Dresses

What the show would probably be remembered for were the sheer dresses. With an utterly mastered glitzy embroidery and surreal work of debonair craftsmanship, McQueen’s simple balance between the traditional and modern art of fashion was effortlessly fulfilled.


Charming Metallic Embellishments

Sarah’s job was almost dubbed perfect by the time the models walked on stage donning these fabulous dresses, but little did we know she wasn’t done with surprising us. The magnificently studded metallic embellishments were a testament to the mighty artwork that she puts in for the label. Flawlessly aligned ornamentation on the sheer dress was impeccable.


Sheer Capes

While the sheer dresses had already set the mood going for the collection, it was this gold studded dress with an attached sheer cape that was a completely gobsmacking! Similar to that was a silver one, with creations such as the moon and threaded necklace that won over everybody’s hearts. The work of art on this piece of clothing was much of what McQueen’s fashion is remembered for.


Adorable Duvets

It wouldn’t have been a McQueen collection without the much-awaited oomph factor.  It was a proper moment of enchantment when the shell-pink colored duvet premiered on the ramp. Intricate work of flower embroidery and plain white butterflies were top-notch. Couldn’t get more winsome than this!


Sarah Burton truly proved herself as a connoisseur of good fashion sense with her unique and creatively attributed collection of Alexander McQueen’s label at the London Fashion week. There was a sense of gentle feminity germinating from each of her designs, be it lush duvets or elegant sheer dresses. It was an honest homage to McQueen’s work of art in the fashion industry .

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