This Is What The Symbol Under The Manufacture Year Of A Coin Represents

By simply seeing a coin, you can tell in which part of the country it was made. There are only four coin-minting machines in India, and they each emboss a special symbol on their products.

Each of us, at some point or the other in our lives, has tried our hand at collecting coins and currency. But what did we know about those coins? Perhaps the most a collector could tell was what the value of the coin was, or when it was made… all by reading the scripture on the metal.

However, did you know that each city which mints these coins leaves its identity? Here’s what you need to look for in the little metal circles in your wallet…

  1. Mumbai Mint: the Diamond
    You may even find a “B” or an “M” under the date of manufacture.
  2. Hyderabad Mint: the Star
    Sometimes, there is a vertically-split diamond, or a diamond with a central engraved circle.
  3. Noida Mint: the Dot or the Circle
  4. Kolkata Mint: Blank, no symbol
    Sometimes, Calcutta coins have a “C” under the year of manufacture.

There you go, now you are that much smarter in the field of study of coins called Numismatics. These symbols were implemented by the Reserve bank of India soon after the indigenous production of coins was initiated, so as to recognize the production of the various mints. You can think of it as the branding labels of the mints.

Go on, pick up the nearest coin, and let us know in the comments section where it was made!


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