Stupid Things That Indians Do And Then Want The World To Like Them & Think They Are Great

India, ahem ahem, is the land of mystery and it’s inhabitants are even more mysterious and enigmatic. They are victims of the sheep syndrome and that is sad. It is true that the number of stupid things these people are doing is just skyrocketing and then, they want the world to like them.

Here’s a compilation of the stupid things Indians do and then want the world to like them to think they are great:

  • Watching Saas-Bahu / Big Boss drama: All the aunties and velle people out there, not to get confused, this one’s for you. The BIG question is how a person can hate their brain cells so much that they, intentionally, go through the torture of witnessing the kind of crap they display via these shows. And who even makes these shows!


  • Peeing in open and littering: People need to catch up with their basic Kindergarden lessons on manners and hygiene. Peeing in the open – Not done. Littering on the streets – Not done! Spitting on the roads – Definitely not done! All I hope is that the Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan pushes some sense into these people.


  • Driving like they own the world: Indians, we just love driving about like we own the roads and we end up not following any traffic rules at all. Yes, when there is no policeman watching, we like skipping the red light. Not driving in our own lanes is our favourite time pass, just to name a few.


  • Salman Khan: No offense, but we all know who was driving his car that night. So, why the double standards? A murder is a murder. It doesn’t matter if it is done by your favourite celebrity who does lame-ass movies which you enjoy.


  • Our politicians: Yes, electing the people we do is one of the stupid things we do. We could do so much better but instead we choose these men. To top it, they make stupid comments surpassing logic about things that matter. Like Mulayam Singh commenting on how four men can rape one girl. Seriously?


  • Herd culture: Doing Engineering because everyone else is doing it! Commenting without any knowledge of the topic…we can just go on and on! A number of Indians undertook the Ice Bucket Challenge but how many do even know the relevance of the challenge? Not many, without a doubt. That is the kind of herd culture we follow.


  • Reading crap: We say, Chetan Bhagat is our favourite writer and Durjoy Dutta writes amazing books and suddenly, reading is our hobby and passion. You’ve got it wrong, honey.


Enough said already! I think I am going to take a break here, while you can still count the infinite beautiful things that happen in this amazing country, the thought of which can help you redirect your hatred from me *evil grin*


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