Bottled Water Only Please. This & Other Stupid Things NRIs Say When They Come Back To India

We all have those relatives who once in a while come back to India and then, they do some things, to put it subtly, which we might not end up liking.

You get the feels, right?

So, here’s a list of things NRIs do/ say in India which we aren’t too happy with:

  • “Back in the States…” or “This happens only in India”: The frequency with which these sentences are spoken in any conversation increases exponentially. And deep in our hearts we wish to tell them that we know, things are different in all cultures around the world. They just don’t constantly need to rub it in our faces.


  • Aversion to spicy food: The NRI’s with their little sojourn in a foreign land become so averse to Indian spicy foods that everything seems a little too hot for their palates now. They complain and moan and cry foul but, India and spicy food, it just doesn’t get any better than this for us in India.


  • Shopping and more shopping: Yes, these beings love brand shopping and they indulge in their favourite errand when they come back. Yeah yeah, things are cheaper in India than in many countries around the world and they also enjoy helping the Indian economy. Lame excuse, I agree!


  • Fetish for bottled water: Water in India (if that is a thing) doesn’t suit them anymore, so they only drink bottled water, be it at home or any other place. Their complains for Indian things could just go on and on!


  • Reform in vocabulary: They say “Hey” instead of “hi”, “yogurt” instead of “curd”, “cookie” instead of “biscuit”, “oh” instead of “zero”, “freeway” instead of “highway” and we couldn’t agree more than these things get on our nerves. FYI, these things don’t make you sound any more cool!


  • Dollar prices: They are always at their mathematical best and try to figure out the dollar price for everything. Like literally everything. Stop with your calculations already!


  • Being tourist-y: Whilst in India they completely avail the opportunity to visit as many tourist attractions as possible to make the best of their travel to India. I am not going to be sassy here. We all need a vagabond of a soul.



Tell us if you have any such NRI friend or relative and the shit they make you go through!


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