Reasons Why Reunions Are The Best Thing To Happen To Outstationers

December is about holidays. A long vacation with everyone returning to their family places. It’s about meeting those school buddies, colony buddies, family, relatives and much more. It’s about spending time with people who have known you before you became the robotic machine running in the rat race.

With this vacation coming to an end and a long time before those get-togethers are planned again, we bring to you the reasons why reunions are always looked forward to.

Meeting after long time!

Instant messaging may have helped you stay connected with them whether in any part of world. But there is always something special about meeting them in person. The chance to talk face to face, spend time like old times in itself adds the X factor to reunions.


Lots to catch up!

Of course! That is the reason we meet. There is a lot to know about what’s happening in each other’s life, be it the college matargashti or job jargons. And you feel complete when all this is told to those special ones, because they have been through your thick and thin.


Same old jokes! Same old names!

Because some jokes, only you guys understand. Each meeting has its share of remembering those names we used to call each other, one-liners we made and the slip of tongues that others never forget etc.  Teasing friends of the stupidities they did then.

Nostalgic Much!

A back in time is a must of these get-togethers. ‘Yaad hai’, is heard innumerable time. The teachers, the classes, the trips, the habits of each other’s, the list is infinite. What went wrong, what went right, how those carefree times were the best and how close the group was, is all we talk. Just that this nostalgia always makes you happier rather than sad.


And then when all the nostalgia trips and cracking of old jokes are done, we are back to doing what we do best – healthy show off! Oh yes! Just easy, talk about college, fests, the celebrities coming, the job package, the perks, the trips and lots. (A slight warning, over boasting may lead to empty pockets. School friends are always eager to be treated.)

Food and Drinks!

Apart from the chit chattering and bantering we get to hog on good food and drinks. That’s the best part. And plan more reunions which mean more food and more drinks.


Secrets come out!

Reunions are also the time when lots of hidden closets are opened. Secrets are spilled of crushes, unworked surprises and the confusions that still remain. Because now it’s all in good spirit and those qualms, no more exist.



You know how there are always those friends who have had a makeover since school. So you get to see how they have become hot and sexy from wearing baggy clothes.


Pictures are memories!

Reunions are incomplete without the customary round of pictures. It is a must to capture those few hours and make them a memory for a lifetime. Because when you are back to your normal routine, these pictures will remind you of the coming vacations and the fun you will have again. In possibly all the odd and crazy poses, those are pictures only for yourself and not the social media. ;)


You are yourself!

A much needed break to rejoice is what these meetings give you. You are true, because no one is judging you there. Close friends know you so well that it is necessary to meet them, so that you don’t end up losing yourself. Probably in some cases reminds us of how much we hate our new friends.


Cheers to those vacations and fun meets. There is truly nothing like reunions. Let’s plan for the next one soon and till then write to us in the comments why you love reunions.


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