This Artist Has Created Super Evolved Pokémon… And They Are Awesome!

Digital art is a modern art form involving use of computers that could give even Van Gogh or Da Vinci a run for their money! This series of pictures we have dug up are made by an artist who goes by the name Sheharzad-Arshad on DevianArt. The principal concept is Super-Evolution. According to the creator, (and we quote)…

“Unlike Mega Evolve, the Super Evolve is permanent. Super Stone has no sub-categories and only one of them exists on the Pokemon planet. After each Super evolution, the stone descends to the core of the planet and comes back up again in a new spot through volcanic eruptions. It is able to Super Evolve any Pokemon from any stage to a Super stage.”

In case of something extra, more is less. Here, take a look…

Turnami – Squirtle Super Evolved:

Do you remember that little blue Squirtle? Well, guess what? That little water-baby has come a long way! It has Super-evolved into a Turnami! A water-type beast with a lot more power, a lot more cannons and a lot more H2O! P.S: I am absolutely digging the Anchor tattoo!


Fruitasaur – Bulbasaur Super Evolved:

From a tiny bulb to a monstrous gigantic lethal plant, this named-after-dinosaurs family has evolved so much! Though I’m not exactly a fan of the name, but the spiked-flowers seem like a nice touch.


Tickystuff – Igglybuff Super Evolved:

Every girly-girl remembers Jigglypuff. The adorable pink marshmallow that would sing you to sleep. Well, her Super Evolved form looks exactly analogous to what becomes of cute but mischievous little girls as they turn into compelling Fatal Attractions.


Karpithulu – Magikarp Super Evolved:

If you thought that Gyarados was a good evolution to Magikarp, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This Pokemon grows nothing less than infinitely. That little golden crown was actually made to crown the head of Pokemon counterpart of Poseidon? Who would have thought?!


Bludshed – Ghastly Super Evolved:

Introducing… your night terror. As if Ghastly , haunter and Gengar weren’t enough, this was created. Honestly though, the name and the looks of this one give me the creeps. Can’t wait to see how it does on the battlefield! It would be amazing if it’s special power would be to suspend an opponent in death! #Goosebumps.


Diode – Voltorb Super Evolved:

After electrode, the name Diode was only befitting. And the little plugged detail on the arms is pretty neat, too; it would hold the opponent and not allow escape. Prolonged shocks, but not on the scale to kill… Good torture trick, I think!


Kinnikudun – Dunsparce Super Evolved:

This is another fine example of super evolution! From the family of tiny-bug Weedles and insects, we bring you Kinnikudun. If doctors’ needles scare you, be prepared to be gripped by phobia, because this one can drill holes through entire beings…!


Houndeath – Houndour Super Evolved:

Saved the best for the last! Full marks on the imagination front: absolutely horrifying looks, and the best name of all. And it’s getting extra marks for being a canine (I love Dogs)! So this one is my winner. Though hypothetically, if I ever encounter it, I would run.


So.. What do you think? Which Pokemon do you think would win if placed in a mass battle? And… Would you ctch ‘em all? Talk to us in the comments section!

Graphics Credits: Sheharzad-Arshad from DeviantArt


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