Mumbai – Delhi talk it out: ED’s Poster Series on Mumbai vs. Delhi

Among the city fights, Mumbai and Delhi have been at loggerheads since long.

We at ED thought what would happen if these cities could talk it out with each other and maybe settle the matter for once and for all? Let’s see who wins!

#AamchiMumbai and #DhinchackDelhi in conversation…

mumbai vs delhi 1

mumbai vs delhi 2


mumbai vs delhi 3

mumbai vs delhi 4


mumbai vs delhi 5

mumbai vs delhi 6

For us there is no winner to this fight! 

Mumbai vs. Delhi fight can never end, because it’s all about perspective. Remember Bunny in Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani; tum right nahi ho Mumbai, bas Dilli se bahut alag ho (you are not right Mumbai, you are just different from Delhi).

Enjoy the bitter sweet experiences of both the cities because variety is the spice of life *wink*.

Tell us who is the winner according to you.

Graphic Credits: Shubhangi Agarwal


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