Comedy Wildlife Photography: Because Animals Being Themselves Is Funny

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were run for the first time in 2015 and there are no points for guessing what they cater to! This one-of-a-type award show was organized by U.K.-born, Tanzania-based photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks.

The first prize went to this voluptuous hamster in full gallop by Julian Rad:

“It’s a plane. It’s a bird. Oh shit, it’s my food.”

WINNER Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Second prize was bagged by William Richardson for this brilliant shot:

“It is that time of the year when I need to hide my face from others and contemplate life.”


Oliver Drieke walked away with the third prize with his click of a gorilla picking on his nose:

“What is this thing humans keep doing while looking at me? Man, it’s so soothing”


Here are 10 other photos that were “highly commended”:

“Nirmal Baba told me that if we hug in this blizzard, we will be teleported to Narnia. Let’s try”


“Muuuummmmmmmyyy. Get these little insects off me.”


“Really? Are you telling me that Miley Cyrus is HMontana.”


“Get lost. Your jokes are as lame as you.”


“Is it my awkward flight or it is just me that’s making everyone laugh?”


“Your aura is pulsing. Are you in the beyond? I think you are.”


“No Daddy. Maybe I don’t want to be a leopard. Maybe I want to be a beaver.”


“What do you mean by you are dating my girlfriend?”

HIGHLY COMMENDED Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

“I don’t think I can ever qualify for this high jump competition.”


“Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae.”


The winners were selected by a panel of judges that included: comedian Hugh Dennis; Wildlife TV presenter Kate Humble; African landscape photographer Tom Sullam; wildlife photographer Will Burrard Lucas; wildlife expert and president of Born Free USA, Will Travers; Telegraph online travel editor Oliver Smith and Comedy Wildlife Awards Founder, Paul Joynson-Hicks.

Visit the official website for more fun:



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