Here’s Someone Who Didn’t Give Up When Shit Happened! #StopSuicide. Just Carpe Diem, Baby!



My best friend was planning on leaving college at the end of our first year to pursue Mass Comm. Everyone advised him against it, but he fought with his family and friends and eventually got his way. But in that process, he screwed up his attendance and exams here, as he was sure he would get into the institute of his choice and didn’t feel a need to complete his first year here. No, he did not fail his entrance test, or interview. He did get in, but being the fickle minded idiot he was, he decided to come back; to a place that had long bid adieu to him. A fresher, once again. If he had just kept up his attendance and appeared for his exams, we would’ve been classmates. Given his lugubrious tendencies, he didn’t become the crestfallen loner we all thought he would. For someone who ruined a year of his life due to his sheer stupidity, he’s holding out quite nicely. He parties harder than anyone in my college. Never once has he complained or blamed life. In fact, he thinks he is a better fit in his new batch. He didn’t lose hope, or attempt suicide. He is not the poor little boy asking for sympathy. He just lives on like there’s no tomorrow. Perhaps that’s what brought us together in the first place- no regrets.




It’s been 18 years since I stepped foot (or rather incubated my way into) on this earth. I have lived, loved, laughed and cried. I have had good days and bad days. I have enjoyed to the fullest and I have bawled my eyes out. Still, I can proudly say that I have emerged smiling. Battered and shattered, but smiling. Every day brings new people, new experiences and new challenges to life. Some leave you standing there, wondering why you chose this life, why you didn’t just die. But then there are others that come in like a soothing zephyr and everything seems to shine just a little brighter.


We’ve been given this beautiful life for one and one thing only – to live. To make sure that the halls of your journey echo with the sound of your laughter. Yet, all I hear are cries and moans and complaints. Why be sad and gloomy, when you could be bright and jolly? Why look at the dark gray when there’s a bright pink? Yes, everyone has been hurt, but they still love. Yes, everyone has lost someone, yet, they still live. So why can’t we stop for a moment and be thankful for what we have? Rather than complaining about everything under the sun, we could be having the time of our lives. But still, people continue to face each day with a knotted brow. In the hubbub of misery, despair and disappointment, we forget that there also exist joy, laughter and vivacity. There is still one thing that is still inside Pandora’s box- HOPE.



No matter how bad it’s going; no matter how hard you’ve been hit, there’s always hope. You will get by. You’ll survive. So turn down that frown and turn that chin up. There’s still scores of years to go. Lots of stuff to be done. Adventures and romances will come. And so will injuries and heartbreaks. But remember to smile. Smile through all of it. If it’s bad, it will definitely be over. If it’s good, be glad it isn’t. Make a bucket list. (And actually do it). Binge watch. Binge eat. Binge-lots of crazy stuff. Go get drunk as hell, do crazy stuff you won’t remember the next day. Be 18 till you die. After all, you only live once ;)

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” Suzanne Weyn, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.



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