On The 1st Anniversary of AIB Roast ED Gets You 5 Top Roasts EVER

It’s been a year since India’s first roast was shot in Mumbai starring Ranvir Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar as host on 28th December 2014. The roast created a train of controversies just to show that India isn’t the right place for the birth of comedians. India saw its first roast and it was actually very funny.


Interestingly, in USA celebrities invite producers and comedians to host a roast of them. Without getting offended. These are some popular and hilarious roasts of all time which you can watch on Youtube:

  1. The Roast of Pamela Anderson (and also her Sex Tape)

This has got to be the most vulgar and profane roast ever. If you think that you can crack a lot of non veg jokes then trust me you are nothing in front of them. In the roast Pamela’s Ex-husband and guitarist Tommy Lee stole the show. Pamela’s famous Sex Tape starring her ex-husband was the centre of all jokes or jibes.

  1. The Roast of Justin Bieber. The most recent one.

I don’t think I need to convince anyone to watch his roast. Bieber fans will definitely watch this. And haters most definitely. It happened in 2015. Justin Bieber was roasted by people including his friends Kevin Hart and Snoop Dog or doggy dog or whatever he is. It was probably hosted for Justin to accept his mistakes (which he committed intentionally) and apologise to the public.

  1. The Roast of Donald Trump. Can Never Imagine a Roast of a Politician in India. But we should try our Kejru sometime? *wink*

Yes, a politician getting roasted. You don’t get to see something like this every day. Trump was such a sport to do this. His roast was filled with all types of racist and coloured jokes. Snoop Dogg even accused him of being a racist and pushing black people out of America.


  1. Roast of Charlie Sheen. No Anger Management Needed.

Charlie Sheen, that famous lucky hole from Two and a Half Men who later turned into the same character he was onstage, was roasted by a group of young talented comedians. He was roasted on the fact that he has ruined his own and his daughters’ life. The jokes mostly were based on his drugged up life. But somehow Charlie managed to get back really good at his opponents because, you know, he is CHARLIE afterall.

  1. The Roast of James Franco. Gay jokes. Gay Jokes. Gay Jokes.

It was like as if he was a basin and everybody was spitting in/on him with gay jokes. Most people roasting him were his close friends including the Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan. All James Franco could manage to do was to remain cute as a barkless dog.

If you watched all the above roasts without getting offended then trust me you are a normal human being with thinking capacity above Shiv Sena or Bhakts.

If you are feeling afraid to watch it then don’t worry you are not going to get arrested.

I hope India witnesses another roast in the upcoming year.


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