Craziest Wishlist That Can Make Winters A Bit More Warm & Fuzzy

I’ll be the first to say, that I love winters. Being a winter child myself, I just… absolutely adore winters.

At the same time though, I can also see the difficulties that we all go through during the winter season. The frozen fingers and feet, not being able to wake up in the morning and leave your cozy bed.

Believe me guys, I completely understand your pain.

So being the eternal procrastinator that I am, I thought to myself why not make a wish list of everything I wanted to be available to me during this wonderful but painful time as well.

And yes, one might say that we have so many other more pressing problems at hand. And I understand that, and completely agree, but I just had to get this out.

So, I wish I:

1. Had a Korean pot with heated seat and the jet spray would spout hot water. Bye bye cold and numb tush. Hello warm warm feeling.

2. Could Hibernate during the winters:

Just go to sleep and didn’t rouse until spring. But then I would miss all the wonders of winter. So let me modify it a bit and say, that instead of hibernating, I wish I could just get an off from office or college or school. And just spend my days whichever way I want, especially in the latest designed bear sleeping bag that allows you to hibernate, finally! Yippiee!

3. Had a Nose Cover:

Seriously, I can’t believe this still hasn’t been invented. I mean, we have hats for our head, scarves for our neck and gloves for our hands. Then why the discrimination against our poor noses still exist. You don’t know the pain of a cold nose until you have travelled in an auto in the dead of winters and come out looking like Rudolf the reindeer.

  1. Had Never- ending Hot Water:

Whenever I step into the shower in the winter, I never want to come out, because the hot water is too good. But alas the water always turns cold after seconds…well, they are not seconds, but it sure feels like it.

  1. Had Small Heaters in Clothes:

I know I know…completely impossible, but just think, you’d never get cold anywhere.

  1. Could Move to the Hills:

That way I could experience winter all year long. And have fun in the snow, have hot chocolate and so much more.

Again, I know this list sounds extremely first world…but this was just a fun little thing to do and don’t take it seriously or anything.

I know the world we live in is going through some serious stuff right now and understand the graveness of some matters.


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