Kolkatans: Are You Loyal To The Places You Go To? Are You Rewarded Enough? With Loyalie You Will Be

By Vedant Kabra

He ate at X, he chilled at Y, he went clubbing to Z.
He was their frequent patron, but more often than not – love isn’t a two way traffic.
He felt cheated that his favourite places didn’t reward him enough (beyond the gastronomic journey). So, he decided to take matters in his hand.
It was about time.

His idea took the shape of an app draped in green. He downloaded it off the app store – firstly, because it was free, and also because the description said it would apparently reward him.


He remembered all the names of the people who worked there, and their birthdays too. But it was saddening that his loyalty was unacknowledged. He didn’t really feel valued.

But Loyalie turned things around.

He could no longer turn down the temptation of that free brownie he won each time his billion exceeded the meagre capping. Every sojourn to his favourite café earned him rewards galore. Completing 6 visits to earn them wasn’t difficult – keeping a count of the number – in all it’s enormity was.

loyalie ed

Loyalie came to his rescue.

But for foodies and ‘outgoing’ people like him – was 6 visits the end of the world? Nah. He realised he could keep earning those rewards over and over again! One click, one scan – and he was there! All he had to do was take out his smartphone, open the app, concentrate on the last gulp of Cool Blue, and simultaneously scan the code.

But Loyalie was his Open Sesame to a world much beyond food – healthcare, entertainment, retail therapy – you name it and he had it – all at his finger tips.

Life was simpler, and it suddenly had meaning now.

To get a discount was one thing – to get his money’s worth was another. 

And the answer was Loyalie!

Did you checkout the app yet?

Loyalie is the first of its kind digital loyalty card and rewards portal to tap the Kolkata market.



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