How To Survive When Pocket Money Gets Over And The Month Is Still Pending?

Middle of the month:

College fees paid, flat rent paid (inclusive of food), electricity and laundry bills paid, and necessary books taken! But I should still be left with around 7000 bucks.

Wallet checked, almirah lockers checked, pockets checked, bedsides checked, but what did you get?

Few “chillars” from here and there!

Your “so called” 7000 bucks has been scaled down to mere coins now!

But where did all the pocket money go? 

1. Parties
2. Dates
3. Gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends
4. Shopping
Etc. etc. etc.

It’s the middle of the month and you stand penniless.


This has become a routine situation for youngsters these days. The remaining half month is a period which we’ll name “Beg, Borrow, and Steal Period”!


Here are few ways youngsters can manage the remaining days of the month without money:

1. The Rich Friend Factor: You always have one friend whose pocket or wallet will never be empty. This factor will act as a 24*7 bank for you and will lend you money without interest for the remaining month.

2. Books and Notes on sale: This is the time you’ll start charging for your precious class notes and books. No matter how cheap you might sound while asking for money out of these, but when it comes to survival for the remaining month, money overpowers all!

3. Online “paid” Internships are the welcome guests: Virtual internship websites come to the rescue during such crisis. Apply overnight, be a marketing or advertising sales representative or an editorial intern and start making good money out of it. Your half a month is well saved.

4. Betting: Put up your stakes over a cricket match and get earnings if the results favour you. Although it’s a risky venture, but if you make a desired and a logical bet, you surely have money coming in. This is a widespread activity amongst youngsters though it’s advisable to avoid it altogether.

5. Part Time Jobs: Myriad Fast Food Chains running in your city provide part time jobs which attract eyeballs of youngsters who are in urgent need of money. The delivery boys coming to deliver your food might be your fellow college mates only!

6. Lies to parents: “Dad, I need some furniture for my flat which will cost around 15000 bucks”. 15000 bucks are deposited in your account. You buy some cheap furniture costing 5000 bucks and the remaining 10000 bucks go directly in your pocket! What more would you need to survive half a month?

7. Usage of cheap public transport: When money says goodbye, say Hi to cheap public transport. Board the local crowded bus and enjoy the congested travel spree because auto-rickshaws are no more something which you can afford!

These are some ways how youngsters have managed the money shortage in their lives.

Write to us in comments below your ways of managing this shortfall in pocket money mid month!


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