Engineers Can Do Without Sex But Not Beer: ED’s Poster Series

From a rough day at work to acing the interview that gives you chills, from first date night to trolling the first ‘rishta’ at home, from “I can’t do engineering, Dad” to “She’s a Christian, Mom”, proposing to breaking-up, pre-exam rejuvenation to last exam celebration, beer has condoned more than one could ask for.

However, Beer and Engineers have a unique chemistry. With their world revolving around submissions and algorithms,  the beer comes as a genie in a bottle. It is the much-needed bridge between “I don’t wanna live anymore” and “where them girls at?”

So, here are 10 beyond the usual reasons why beer is every engineer’s true bae.

1. That’s the thing about engineering. Every semester demands to be felt. Beer? Beer. 


2. New Beer’s Eve. 


3. After all, Bud wiser? 


4. With good beer comes good hair days. 


5. Brew, do you even?


6. Beer the change you wish to see in the world. 


7. Save water, drink beer. 


8. Where there is a will there is an Ale. 


9. Take it lite.


10. Because all work and no play makes you a dull engineer. 


But beer doesn’t boast, it doesn’t complain, it just saves your day when life has been kicking you in the shins.

No wonder, it’s their true bae; lubricating life since forever.

Graphics Credits: Abhinav Jain


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