Do You Know How Ola Cabs Happened To Send Boats To Flooded Chennai?

Ola Cabs has shown its altruistic attitude by running ferries to rescue stranded in the flooded areas of Chennai free of cost.

Ola Boats in Chennai Floods

It all started with a tweet. Everything these days start with a tweet.

Someone, and definitely not a zimmedar-naagrik, on twitter joked about the Chennai floods. (Yes, people are that stupid; to joke on a disaster which has killed 71 people so far.) The person tweeted that Ola should start ferry and chopper services in the flood affected areas to increase its business and economy.

After this tweet a rail of tweet was seen targeting OlaCabs. Twitter is like the scale to measure the uselessness of a person (No offence meant SubrahmaniamSwamy).

Ola responded gracefully to the tweets by actually starting ferry services to the water logged areas free of charge. The Ola boat can accommodate 7-8 people at a time, and it has food and drinking water in it; all free of cost. It’s funny how people unintentionally light a bulb in other’s mind even though they have tried hard to make a fool of themselves.

It has set an example for all the corporate firms, mainly the ones which function from Chennai. Maybe the corporate offices could use the Ola boat services to bring their employees to the office.


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