Berlin-artparasites Teaches Us The Art Of Moving On From A Breakup

Once upon a cliché you had a fairytale love life when suddenly one day you were filling yourself from an ice cream bucket, lingering in the purgatory, choking on reality. Now, you are crying on the bathroom floor, romanticizing your sadness, resisting the urge to call your indispensable other.

Break-ups are hard to recover from. A phase when you are emotionally devastated, questioning your life from every quarter. One night you were looking for quotes on love to update your status and today the very idea of being able to move on seems Pluto apart.

So, here we have compiled some of the quotes from berlin-artparasites to help you rationalize abandoning toxic relationships, moving on and reclaiming your life.

Berlin-artparasites started off in late 2011 as an online magazine featuring Berlin’s art-rich scenes. Founded by media consultant, Marcus Johst, this site “shares compelling artwork that alters the way we live, love, work, play, think and feel“. The mesmerizingly beautiful artworks capture every ounce of emotion a reader could go through. Today, it’s become a daily doze of thought and inspiration for more than 2 million readers on Facebook alone.

1. You are going to get through it. You always have.


2. Grow up. Move on.


3. Let it go.


4. It’s time you realize your worth.


5. Better days are coming.


6. It’s high time you made a choice.


7. And the light will find you. Believe.


8. For some people are more of a lesson.


9. Note to self.


10. It’s okay.


So, pick yourself up, demand the things that you want, embrace the mess you’ve become. It’s time to ditch misery and be happy. Repeat after me: I am worth it.

Picture Credits: berlin-artparasites

Featured Image: Sculpture by Justin Novak


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