4 Instances When Indians Tried To Smuggle Gold (Stupidly) But Got Caught. And How!

By Vedant Kabra
Diwali is round the corner, and the prices of gold are soaring.
So how exactly do you get yourself to become capable enough to afford the gold?
Work hard enough, but let’s face it – how do you end up doing what you haven’t done all year in a fortnight?
The second option – perhaps the ‘bypass’ option – is easier, albeit risky.
4 instances when Indians took the easy way out – but got caught : 
1. Last year, a man was flying Air India (brownie points for flying) from Dubai to Delhi.
He had his gold worth Rs. 25 Lac in his colon (!)
2. 4 men at the Delhi airport were caught by the metal detector (no marks for guessing) as they had swallowed gold buttons.
They’re now on a no carb diet, eating roughage now.
3. Gold weighing a kilogram was found in a lady’s underwear. She was flying SpiceJet.
I think it’s time people stopped judging low cost carrier fliers.
4. 2.14 kg worth gold was found in the you know where of a woman.
(A)men to that.
Flying the Dubai – Delhi route will never be the same now?


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