What do these 4 successful CEOs have in common apart from being at TiECon Delhi 2015?

Apart from their titles and their successful present, they share a history of dejection and hardships. All of them have had to jump their fair share of hurdles to be experienced enough to tell you a thing or two about startups.

Are you ready to learn their stories?

We present to you:

Dissecting Startups from Day 2 of TiECon Delhi 2015 with:

Dayson Pais, Co-Founder & CEO, Super – Tinder for Jobs!


To make it big, you have to either:

  • Disrupt a boring industry, like Housing.com did
  • Or tap an unconventional industry like Uber did with taxis.

Choose your niche, and carve out your product

Vishnu Saraf, Co-founder & CEO, Truweight


Knowing when to pivot is key. If you’re going to fail, fail fast, do not let your resources go down the drain.

Entrepreneurship is more about failing than succeeding, so if you’re going to add two businesses, you might end up with just half a business.

Don’t do something just for the heck of it. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Period.

Venkatramana Rao Nott, Founder, Vinculum Group


Get your product market ready. It should solve an existing problem efficiently. If you can change the ways of the market, the floodgates will open up.

You might not know now what will work, but in hindsight, it’ll all make sense.

Srinivasa Rao, Co-founder & CEO, Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd


For your workforce, look for people with complementing skills, else you’ll end up playing the referee.

Start small, and as a founder, do a recce of your market. Be a local to those markets.

Helping hands should come in when you’re scaling up and going global.

The above teachings certainly resonated with us. We hope you agree too!

There’s a lot more we learnt at the TiECon Delhi 2015,

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