Popmap.com: Curator of boutiques from around the world: We Liv’ED It!


Popmap offers curated clothing, accessories, furniture and lifestyle tid-bits from every little artsy boutique and those tucked-in designer shops that you might discover as a wandering curious traveller.


Shop the world like a local.

Popmap is a platform that gives you the convenience of browsing the shelves of hundreds of such local stores worldwide, in a single sitting, without having to make that trip.


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You can browse their categorised catalogue basis:

Gender & Age: Men, Women, Kids & Lifestyle

Country: Drop a pin on the world map to discover the country’s craft

Collections: Pick a theme- Vintage Traveller, Old World Chic, Black Glamour; you name a persona, they have a collection for it.

Stores: If you can name the designer or that cutesy boutique from your trip abroad, chances are you can shop from it again, from the comfort of your home.


You can visit their website here

Find their newly scouted artisans on their Twitter handle

Or download the iOS app


You’ll love every little trinket since they’re all unique, and bespoke in the sense that each piece is limited in number you won’t see it being lapped up by every one you know. It’s not the denim-jacket-from-Sarojini fad.

Luxury and quality taken care of, the products can range from Rs 500, shooting upto Rs 15,000. Finesse comes at a price. So does international shipping and direct mail order to your address.

ED Advice

Keep some room in your budget for shipping charges, because you can’t put a price at art, but the same can’t be said about sourcing that piece of art from the opposite end of the world.

It’s a MUST TRY! 

Sneak Peek

Here’s what my shopping bag looks like

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