How Our Money Goals Change At 20s, Then 30s, Then 40s And Finally At 50 Years Of Our Life

A luxurious car, palatial bunglow, looking immaculate in shining diamonds and formal suits, how many of us are not fantasizing already?

Who doesn’t like to be rich?

And what is that one thing that will get us closer to all that we desire.

Yes that one, sole thing is money.

Our financial priorities change with time. What we want in our 20’s will differ with our perception of earning in our 30’s. After hitting our 40’s we will have other factors in mind and so forth it goes, having completely a different approach for a kind of life we would want after retirement.

Would it not be fun to know of our state of mind regarding the ‘food for soul’ of every ambitious living part in each of us at different ages of our being …

Let us look at it…

In our 20s: 

  1. We want a life on our own terms, we want to travel, party, live life unleashed like no one did ever… adventurous, crazy, quiet, loner, in our own world, yes we are in our ‘20’s’…

We have our own thoughts on money and our ways are distinct, we like to explore, discover and pave our own way to the top. Ambitious yet grounded, we have a fresh way of achieving what we want. Our financial priorities might begin with fulfilling basic needs to pursuing what interests us rather than just entering the rat race to earn more. Some of us might only aim at the luxuries of life. We have different aims, different directions and different ways.


2. In our 30s:

We want to get settled in life, most of us already are, money goals, family life, little adventure here and there… yes we are in our 30’s…

Life suddenly has an interesting turn of events. We might or might not (‘might’ for most of us not so breaking the norms people) have a companion for life, children, etc and need our financial abilities to fulfill our own needs as well as that of our family. The idea of earning and living has a different aspect. That vigor and vitality in our 20’s cannot be ever be compared with what probably we would be at this stage, mainly because of a transformation in our life and our idea of money. We have almost the same aims, directions.


3. In our 40s:

Time to go beyond the settled arena of life. We have different demands from life at this stage, as rightly said naughty at forty… yes we are in our 40’s and beyond…

We have almost achieved all that we wanted. It is probably time for our kids to settle down now. A peaceful life with somebody we love, far off in the mountains, traveling the world, enjoying all our retirement benefits. Should it not be the time to spend and enjoy those fruits of struggle and hard work put in the first half of our lives.

Financial priorities shift to social ones. Quality life, peace with no hustle bustle for some of us and a jazzy life with party poppers and music for those of us still truly young by heart even in our 50’s or 60’s.


That’s the way life works. Cycles of life hold different meanings to different people. But at the end of it, we are all different people having ‘different’, aspirations, desires, ways, priorities, perceptions of seeing life, but yet we are all the ‘same’.


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