Let’s Celebrate The Bong Connection With Some Bengali Jokes


It’s Bengali season, loved ones! With the auspicious days of Durgotsava having ended with a gorgeous Durga Pooja ceremony whose magnificence only heightens every year all over the country, we at ED are super-excited!

Bengali Durgotsava is a fine example of internal brotherhood. Where I come from, all the people of a community – irrespective of origins – organize/attend/dance in the Durga Pooja of the locality.

And so, keeping with our ED’s Brotherhood Week theme, we want to thank the bhaalo Bengali Community for giving us this reason to celebrate togetherness. We know how amazing Bengali food is – especially their sweets.

So amazing, that we created posters starring Roshogulla Das and Mishti Dohi. 


roshogulla boyrobinbeddingbaebullbul'fiction

Thanks for reading, feel the Bong Connection already! :P

Graphic Credits: Panache Ideas


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