Comparing Real Estate Companies: Commonfloor, Realty Compass and

Real state is no more just a basic living game of “Roti, Kapda, Makaan”, today it has totally transformed into a chase. So in this complicated system of who to tell, what to buy there are some great companies that are making life easy for you. 

This article talks about the comparison between three major companies Realty Compass, Common Floor and


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So first thing we notice about a company is their logo, how simple how complicated, how it attracts us: the potential customers to itself. Whereas has a very simple logo i.e. a apartment in the H, Realty Compass gives an interesting concept by creating buildings in the M. But Common floor shows a key that is made of C and F and looks very attractive too. 


The website for though organized looks very empty and simple, on the other hand Common Floor has a very attractive look, using the orange color surely worked for them very well. But the best one is surely Realty Compass as eventhough its simple and sleek, the site has a youthful element and very easily opens on phones too. It is very organized as they have separate columns for floor plan analysis so that you know how big one room is, making things simpler for you. 

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Rates are almost identical for all these websites but all you need to look for is value for money. Common floor makes a very attractive deal by giving city insights so that one knows the price ranges. On the other hand the Realty Compass website gives one of the most interesting features i.e. they give individual rating to all the buildings so that the project ratings help you eliminate choices. There are 80 plus parameters to judge a builder. Another thing that simplifies your life is comparison of prices. 

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Common Floor gives a live in tour which is quite innovative as one truly gets the feel of the house.On the other hand finds you agents and also helps with house loans.Realty Compass has a large collection so that you can find the type you want, be it large bedroom or small, luxury or simple, location, builder, neighbors, locality everything and anything you want, you have 36 unique tags for all. Other than that you also have a social chat option in which you can talk to the company 24×7 and also to other interested customers to know more. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

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On calling all the three call centers I realized that they were pretty much the same, same old script where they are fully charged to help us at any instance. But Realty Compass and steal the show with their 24×7 social chat and blogs that help the consumer whenever he/she wants.



All the three companies are great with discounts be it geographical discounts like “Only for Pune people save 8 lacs”, or festive opportunities like “This Diwali shift to a new home”.



Common Floor surely is a more established company as it has been here for a long time but and Realty Compass are also catching along as can be seen in their good reviews. There are being loved by the consumers because of their easy online booking styles and also organized and unbiased ratings.

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The experience is interesting as things are simple and easy and one can move around the entire website. There are people to help you when in doubt and proper guidance via the ratings and feedback available with each link. Common Floor has an expert’s advice section whereas Realty Compass has a blog to share your experience.


10. APP

Apps truly depend on their layout and in this area Common Floor has graphics that are interesting, relatable and look very user friendly. But again since it has no ratings it’s a little on the other hand has another interesting feature where we can find and choose flat mates. That surely can be great help to the youth. But in terms of information Realty Compass is surely the best choice.

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It’s not that easy to buy real estate, there are number of things you need to keep in mind. So to help you decide these guys are always ready. All of these are brilliant companies but I believe information is this prime thing as you need to know each and everything about the house you are going to buy so if I ever have to buy a house, I’ll be typing Realty Compass in my address bar.


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