Are You Kidding Me? 3 Million YouTube Views For THIS?

Internet is a great place to make easy money, especially YouTube. There are many amazing people who have emerged as stars. They are given a special name: “YouTubers”. In India and across the globe, folks like AIB, Kanan Gill and Biswa, Superwoman, and so many others now have fan following of millions.

But then there are always those who are going to hell…

Bhim Niroula
Age, Gender, Status: N/A, N/A, married since 1995
Occupation: Facebook profile claims…


Felony: Making songs and uploading videos on YouTube.

I almost died laughing when I saw this video for the first time. When I didn’t die, I wanted to kill myself. The videos are so bad, that they are good WORST. However, it is okay to accidentally watch shit on YouTube, people post stuff like this all the time.

But what had my jaw accelerating to the floor is the fact that he has 3 million (and counting) views on his most popular video since 2013. So I guess there is a different genre of favorite videos that are rising in the market? Take a look:

Catchy, isn’t it? The song, its lyrics, its music, the way it is sung. The dance. The girl. The editing. The close ups. Bet it put a smile on your face. A Cheshire Cat smile. :D

As one of the comments in his video suggests…

Screenshot (11)

Mr. Niroula’s confidence is commendable. And it is probably the one redeeming quality that keeps his fandom alive. The views about the songs and confidence are mixed: some people really admire his courage for rising from a non-English background to “stardom”, while others can’t bear his videos for even 30 seconds, calling it a torture.

Mr. Niroula is from Nepal, and was invited as an honorary Guest Singer during the Miss Nepal US 2014 Grand Finale, for a live performance of his YouTube moneymaker “Sunday Morning Love You”.  The song expresses the desire to love his Lady everyday except Saturdays (listen closely). Bhim Niroula has such amazing dance moves… they could paralyze the best choreographers in the world.

And his smile would knock out Beauty Queens AND their dentists. Victoria Secret models could never exhibit the confidence he does.

He is also very active on social media, regularly updating his status. Deeply moved by the Earthquake calamity in his hometown, Mr. Niroula humbly delayed the release of his much awaited song that was promised soon…

Screenshot (12)

More recently, when Nepal elected their first Lady President, Mr. Niroula expressed his happiness on Facebook…

Screenshot (13)

R.I.P. English.

Some other lovely compositions of Mr. Bhim Niroula include Dancing All The Night, Lets Fly In The Sky, Give Me Tablet and others. You can check out his Youtube channel #NepalSangeet here (it has nearly 12k subscriptions) and his Facebook Profile here.

If you enjoyed the video, do tell us how this made your day in the comment section.

But if you did not, please do not egg us!


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