Stop Pretending To Feel For The Wildlife Protection Cause When You Can’t Even Help A Stray Around Your House

As we bid adieu to the Wildlife Week, it does not mean we also wave goodbye to the initiative, the responsibility and enthusiasm we had for this duration, and this sensitive issue in general.

We all seem to be sensitive towards protection of wildlife and just wish we could do something, while we do almost nothing for the animals right in front of us, who need just as much protection: The Stray Animals! 


They are a menace to everyone around, as big a burden as garbage, and for that they deserve to be thrown off the roads. That is exactly what most of us think!

But if we come to think about it, aren’t they the creatures who live and breathe?

If we are doing so much in the name of wildlife conservation can’t we at the same time, do our best to make the world a safer haven for these strays too, and not sulk about not having the time or opportunity to save that panda?

Yes, they should be taken off the roads but only, to be put in some shelter home. The list includes the like of dogs, cats, cows, oxen and pigs.


We claim to be lovers of animals but for once, can’t we open our eyes and see their needs.

What Can We Do As Responsible Citizens?

Adopt a stray: Instead of buying a pet from a pet shop, the biggest difference you can make in the life of these creatures is by adopting them from the streets or shelter homes and letting them live a life of dignity and on their own terms.


Work within your community: Every community has issues arising from strays, but instead of reprimanding the government, you can work at your street level with the local bodies for collecting funds or helping in shelter homes so that these animals who don’t know how to protect themselves in the streets can be protected and placed at shelter homes where they can be properly cared for.

Feed them: A little affection goes a long way and love does tame people. So, it does for animals. It also comes with an added benefit that they will love you and protect you and feel closer to you.

Speak out against breeding of animals.

If possible, adopt two of the same species: Just like we humans feel the need of companionship, so do animals. Therefore, if possible, always adopt two together so that they have someone to play with and relate to.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and if we act responsible, we can bring a huge change in the life of stray animals around us.


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