The Comedy Scene In India

Imagine you are in 2015 (no imagination required there)! Take a time machine and travel back to 2000. If the transition you experience doesn’t make you feel like a Stone Age human, then please go and kill yourself. Such has been the change! Similar transformation has been experienced in the field of comedy *I wonder much*



Gone are the days of the sour humour on Comedy Circus (Oh, that feral cackle of Archana Puran Singh which shall haunt us more than the Annabelle doll) and the lame jokes of Raju Srivastava (well, for him the progress of our country too is a laughing matter, given he wants to be a MP).


Even the sublime Indian sitcoms of the past such as Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Office Office, etc couldn’t scurry along with the changing times and shall definitely be lost into oblivion as a new younger generation blooms.



But now, a new dawn falls upon the comedy scene in India, the sun prepares to shine in all its mighty glory, and the night seems a long way off.

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The mantle has been passed on. The youth of today have risen to the occasion.


A new stage has been gracefully adorned.


Youth today, look for easy money and are breaking the societal stigma by choosing careers beyond the obvious. Stand-up comedy has emerged as a leading career option for them and internet is doing its part to promote them. If you are good at what you do, the world will recognize you.


LiveInStyle is one such website that is promoting happiness and laughter around. This intricately crafted website was probably, the best thing I tumbled across today. Gazillions of videos featuring Jose, Kanan Gill, our AIB cast and bits and pieces from the Comedy Hunt (which they are following very closely and trust me, it’s worth your time) will leave you in splits till you hold onto your stomach because it hurts so much but at the same time, you don’t want to stop watching as it is hilariously addictive.


It was like one of those moments when you go on a channel for 5 minutes but you get stuck there for what seems like ages. Stand- up comedy may not be everyone’s forte but they believe that it is about finding the bravery within yourself to step up even when the circumstances are pushing you down (now that’s some deep thought and we do stand by it).


Permanently inked on their pages are some crazily funny blog posts that are about everything comedy but they are totally spot-on and very relatable. Wacky descriptions of our favourite stand-up comedians and their best performances compiled at the same place takes the excitement up several notches. LiveInStyle has made the entire experience of stand-up comedy all the more exhilarating and exciting. The content they offer stands apart from the other competitors. What is stand-up comedy without some booze and your friends to chill out with! Pub-finder promises to make your experience of enjoying stand-up in a pub, all the more memorable (only if you don’t drink a bit too much)

We shall eventually see, how LiveInStyle turns out to be the game-changer for many Indian rising stand-up comedians.


With the Internet giving rise to a new breed of celebrities in India, these people with glistening eyes that say ‘LOL’ and dreams, shall soon be on rampage, and brands like LiveInStyle are what they will swear by.

Times are different now and we, as humans, embrace change. With the definition of comedy changing for the better, from being a crude and repellent being, all we can hope for is that smiles are brighter on this side and laughs louder.




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