Yes, I Hate The Rains. There, I Said It!

I don’t like the sky painted grey, a lot of us love rains, the beautiful monsoon times, pleasant weather, hot food, long rides, the feel and the essence of rains in totality makes us feel like in a movie with our hair swaying with the winds.

Yet there are others amongst us who hate rains, the cumbersome times, dark weather, cold food, long traffic jams, the feel and the essence for us is nothing more than a painful process on days when it rains.


Rain, Rain Go Away…

Our dislike for something is developed for a reason. As we see it raining outside, our minds are immediately blocked at the thought of being stuck in long traffic jams. In a country like India, it rains once and leaves its imprints for days, in the form of potholes, water logging and all other hazards to life and property.

I still remember that day when I spent an hour getting ready for my favorite concert and not only did the concert get cancelled cause of rains but I ended up in a disastrous condition, all attributed to traveling during the so called season of love,’monsoon’.

Dreadful Devil…

‘Excess of everything is bad’, though we know it as a matter of fact that rain is essential for plants, vegetation and other natural processes and on and on and on but a lot of us still dread it for the kind of hazards it brings along with it.

Not all of us sing songs and enjoy the weather, rather we find it depressing. The dark and cloudy atmosphere may do nothing else but dampen our spirits and make us feel dead with lack of the energy and vitality that we rains haters can certainly feel on a bright shining sunny day.

Sitting in a park with your novel and a glass of your favorite wine is a treat to the imagination itself, rather getting wet with oodles of mud splashing on and around you.

Traffic, traffic and more traffic…

What we hate the most about these days is the wasting of time in long hours of traffic, transport problems and hassles of travelling. Reaching timely from one destination to another is a task and we end up praying that our schools and colleges should shut down, rather than inflicting on us the ‘torture of rains’.

The last time it rained, I was stuck in traffic for almost 3 hours in a journey that would have not taken more than half an hour. It is a waste of time, efforts everything, do you hear me, the people who call it pleasant.

Malaria Mania..

Those little creatures that definitely never looked that big a danger ever, have the ability to make you still indoors for days together and even show you the doors of the hospital during the previously pleasant ‘days of our lives’.

The water falling from the sky can be dangerous enough with the breeding of mosquitos, etc causing malaria, cholera and other water borne diseases.

They can make us miss our favorite movie, we had been waiting for months.

We are different people with different choices. Some of us enjoy the occasional shower, its beauty and would put on our favorite song and enjoy every bit of it, there are others amongst us who will always curse it counting 101 problems that it gets along with it.

Its raining yeah, hallelujah! How about a No?


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