10 Crazy Unconventional Ways To Use A Condom

CONDOM” is a word that single handedly makes 70 percent of the Indian population uncomfortable, in just a second. But what if condom was not a tabooed word, but a thing of everyday use? In a world where you saw it all the time and it wasn’t just used for protection during sex.

Designers use a very cool brainstorming method called SCAMPER that means:

S- Substitute

C- Combine

A- Adapt

M- Modify


E- Eliminate

R- Reverse

So following these steps and I came up with 10 crazy unconventional ways in which you could use a condom:

1. Animal Balloons: One of the best ways that proves to be crazy fun is balloons. All of you must have seen people filling condoms with air to make balloons. But we take it to another level where the person becomes a contortionist and make dogs and hats out of the condom. Modification is done to make a viable entertainment source.


2. Covers: Being made of plastic that is a very stretchable material, it can be used as covers. It can be used to cover an umbrella, your shoes or a banana. If you are creative enough you can extend it to many more such objects and protect them from the rain.

3. Cut to Make Rubber Bands: Cut it up in small pieces and it gives you a brand new set of rubber bands that are a thing of everyday use.


4. Polythene bag lookalike: So be it carrying small clips or pins, or major things like sambhar from a nearby roadside south Indian stall, Condoms can be a great choice. As it is very durable and doesn’t break even after being stretched to a limit. So carry away whatever you want in your new condom polybag.

5. Shower Cap: Focusing more on the stretching and plastic quality this can be stretched over your head to give you a great bath without wetting your hair. Easily done, without buying a costly shower cap from Body Shop.


6. Glow in the dark condoms: Be it just casual room decoration or a party scene, Glow in the dark condoms will be a surely be a hit. Not just limited to glow in the dark condom balloons that steal the show but can be used to make very creative lighting also. Imagine fairy light inside a condom or maybe a chandelier like structure made from it. Won’t that just make your party the talk of the year?


7. Back Scratchers: For this you need some specific types of condoms, which are the dotted condoms that can act as a very good device for scratching or maybe also used for acupressure. It’s all about how far your imagination goes. (psst: BTW you can get all these varieties at www.condombazaar.com)

8. Jelly Pop Sickles: Everybody has had these jelly tubes when we were small, But now it’s time to make your own. Boil some jelly powder put it inside a condom and let it freeze. Ta- Da your jelly shot is ready. And to make it a little more adult, add a little vodka maybe.


9. Hair ties: One of the coolest hair accessories ever made by combining the elastic properties of a rubber band. Easy to wrap around your hair, available like everywhere and cheap very cheap. Tie your hair in a ponytail using this cool condom hair tie and you’ll have everybody’s attention. And the best part they come in all beautiful colors and scents.

10. Water Proof Socks: Best remedy for the rain prone areas where people are just sick of their socks getting wet all day, every day. So perfect solution wear plastic stretchable condom socks, they don’t get wet and smell good all the time as they are scented. So rain can rain all it wants but your feet are safe and sound.


I agree that this post must have sounded very wacky, some points you must have had a good laugh and some you must have found gross.

But that is the whole purpose of it. That “Condom” shouldn’t be a tabooed word but something that we use in everyday life. It should be loud and clear that everybody uses it and everybody should use it. Because at the end of the day, it is for our health and benefits.

Taboos control a very big part of our life and its time now that we understand the difference between things we shouldn’t say and the things society doesn’t let us say.

So don’t be scared to say it!

And try some of the wacky things mentioned above.

But if these sound too adventurous, then just go for the original use of Condom.

We came across this place: www.condombazaar.com which encourages the customer with its widest collection of condoms and ensure he/she buy at least 40 pcs per order, which will be enough for a year’s use. This will surely serve the original purpose of a condom.

So go the condom way!


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