Trending & Popular Girl Selfies

Take a selfie and be merry! This is what the 21st century generation is currently doing!

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands?

No dude! Are you kidding me?

It goes this way now,

If you’re happy and you know it, take selfies.

If you’re happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, take selfies!

You’re happy, you’re sad, you’re angry, you’re upset, just take a selfie and your mood gets captured!

The captured mood finds a place on one of the social networking sites and the likes come hitting on the selfie in a number of hundreds!

Bringing into light the female selfies of 21st century:  Some of my dear friends agreed to click selfies for this task. Go ahead to discover different types of girl selfies.

1. The Morning Selfies: The early morning selfies giving a fresh look on your face are most welcome these days.



2. No Makeup Selfie: Now that requires some bagful of dare for a girl to upload a no makeup selfie. But as we all know makeup doesn’t beat the trend! Girls go with the trend of no makeup selfies.


3. The Half Faced Selfie: Half faces! Aren’t they prettier? So why not take selfies of this too!


4. The Weird Snapchat Selfies: Snapchat has come up as an app to share questionable and weirdest selfies ever! Girls these days use it this way:


5. The Good Hair Day Selfie: Only girls can understand how special the day becomes when it’s a good hair day! Your gracious locks flowing happily give you a pride which nothing else gives.

P.S. till date I have not had a perfect hair day


6. The Mirror Selfie: Stand in front of a beautiful mirror with a lovely background and click a selfie. That’s what we call a mirror selfie!


7. The Pouty Selfie- Best. Selfie. Ever: Do a fancy pout and then pose and there goes your cute pouty selfie post for the day!


8. The Sad Face Selfie: Fake sad faces make you look cuter. Who stops you to take a selfie of that? Nobody?


9. Full Body Selfie: Want to show off your new denim jeans and fancy footwear? But is that possible in case of a selfie? Yes my friends. When selfie stick is here, have no fear!


10. The Big Eyes Selfie: Scary, big eyes and you are all set to shoo people away by clicking this selfie :P


This is the selfie era. Wish I could just build up a selfie university so as to have selfie graduates in India.

P.s. too much to think of though :P (and someone is already doing this I read some where)!

So girls out there, throw your mad shades, click more such wacky, quirky and out of the box selfies and share them through comments.



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