The World’s Longest Tasting Menu Has 200 Courses Spread Over 24 Hours Of Dining

Tasting menus have proved to be the pinnacle for all the foodies out there. It has taken the entire eating affair to a whole new altitude.

People these days are lusting for this whole new experience of dining.

What is a Tasting menu?

Tasting menu is an extra special menu of small and innovative dishes which portray the chef’s talent. The dishes which are served in the tasting menu are generally not there in the regular menu and that’s what makes it worth trying!

So why stare at the menu and just order 1 dish when you can have so many dishes that are even not there in the menu?

Tasting menus are generally available at fancy and lavish restaurants and have a fixed price. This means, people pay a single price to enjoy all the items that are served in the tasting menu.

Tasting menus are not just for the foodies, there are different types of menus for those who love wine and alcohol. Yes, that means, a menu which has so many kinds of wines.

While most of the tasting menus just consist of a three-course meal, one restaurant in London took this concept to a whole new level.

Read below to find out how –

The World’s Longest Tasting Menu Which Has 200 Courses –

Well, it’s time now to forget the usual 3 course tasting menu because two men from London are all set to host a 24-hour dining experience which features the world’s longest tasting menu!

Bompas & Parr are two guys who are serving up a 200-course tasting menu. Well, that’s huge, right?

The duo teamed up with Bespoke Offers to bring this like-a-dream dining experience to life which will be known as The 200 Club and will taking place at The Factory in London.

This once in a lifetime experience will be starting at 8am on 3rd of September and ending at the same time the next day.

The world’s longest tasting menu can be enjoyed at a price of $3,140 (£2,000). However, for those whose pocket or stomach doesn’t allow this much can enjoy a 20 Course feast at a price of £49 or £99 depending on sitting time.

There are several themes set. That means, different theme at different hours of the day. Here’s the break up :

1) Yellow Breakfast


2) White Elevenses


3) Green Lunch

4) Blue Afternoon Snack


5) Purple Five o’clock Tiffin



6) Pink Dinner


7) Orange Drunchies


8) Brown Blackout


And yes, each dish is going to be colour-coded to honour the late Emperor Nero.

Isn’t all this worth craving for?


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