“I use my mouth in strange ways in exchange for Cash!”

Some species of Birds lure in their mates by contesting their crooning talents. The males with the most pleasing voices are chosen by the female for coitus.

If you see this video – which is one of the most watched TED talks on YouTube – you will know that if humans worked this way, this guy would DEFINITELY get “chosen”!

Tom Thum, the Australian Beat Boxer, was born and brought up in Brisbane (Queensland). In Indian auntyji’s typical words, “He could Beat Box before he could talk!!” The typical Indian Aunty would then go to one of her neighbors’ house and gossip about it. Anyway, never mind her…

So Tommy grew up with magic in his larynx (that’s voice box for the Aam Aadmi), and performed at the seedy night clubs of Downtown. He was initially a Graffiti designer (see picture below) and a B-Boy, but later evolved into the vocalist he is today. In 2005, he won one of the World’s most prestigious awards in the category – World Beatbox Battles. Thereon, hearts all over the world “beat” for him!

YUP! He made that!!
YUP! He made that!!

Some of Tom’s “simple” techniques include using a single mic (meh?), loop pedals, and even spinning on his head while performing (that escalated quickly, huh?). Co-founder and Producer of the Born Fresh Records label, Tom goes by the brand of Tommy Illfigga. Although he is mostly a solo performer, the Tom Tom Crew is a vital ingredient in his success.

Our most favorite part of Tom, though, is that he is more than just a Vocalist on stage. His performances have SUCH amazing personality, that it enraptures even the coldest of critics! His inhuman tendency of noise-making is webbed into tales that will keep you attentive. Though we all see a fantastic Thum on stage, he is a good guy on the streets too. In the video, you will hear him talking about spreading awareness and interest about his field. He organizes various workshops and activities in regions where the cultures of Hip Hop and Beat boxing are not quite as developed. What a man!

For more, check out Tom’s YouTube page and Facebook links:





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