Funny, Weird, Stupid Quizzes: We Liv’ED It

All kinds of tests and quizzes are filling up your news feed. Movie Quizzes, IQ tests, Music Trivia, Personality traits… But then there are some totally over the top ones, which are just random. Whether it is which song you are like or which dance form suits you. Whether judging the fact that does your crush like you or who should be your ideal partner. And we all love playing them whatever the result be. Applying all the combinations of answers to find out the kind of results these tests have for a person has become an activity to idle away time.

We thought it would be fun to try some of the totally stupid, idiotic ones. Let’s look at them category wise.


Silly Ones

I thought of finding out what’s my learning style. And turns out my answer to stressful circumstances and how I learnt numbers in childhood can predict the right style. Surprisingly bang on. Check yours and tell us if it’s true for you too?



Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-40-29     Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-42-25




I have always been made to believe that I talk a lot. Yet this quiz surprised me by acknowledging me as a great learner too. Yay


Stupid Ones

 While randomly surfing on the web, I came across this test. It aims to predict gender by some questions; it surely caught the attention at one go. A word of advice- this one is big NO.–ZJ07yukjXx

Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-54-24      Screenshot_2015-08-09-16-57-37


same situation, yet this weird quiz suggests that men accept harmful actions for greater good and declares me as a male. Just because I chose to be practical. Why can’t women be so?


Funny Ones

 Getting to know which Disney or any famous Episode character you could be,  is usual now. Being compared to a non-living thing- a game, a furniture, a cereal… This is fun! Totally worth to have a laugh over, with your close ones. Play these ones for sure. What if you turned out to be a Pong game in the next incarnation:p


Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-28-50       Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-30-31


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