Extremism In India – Are We Up Against Change Always?


noun: derogatory
a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.

The one word which perfectly describes a major share of our population, so aptly.

Even if along with the word political or religious, I add words like social, economic, academic, general, it won’t be too hard to justify.

We run after extremes, with views as opposing as the north and south poles, be it a thing as nationally insignificant as the latest movie to what Indian girls should wear and what not.

It could not be more evident that whatever changes take places at the central or state government do not impact the people’s daily lives all that much, at least not radically. What are all the fights for, in that case?


What the person standing next to you in the bus or metro or train is wearing won’t affect the way you live your life, ( except the times when they’re attractive and you get inspired to work out yourself, except the fact that doesn’t happen much in this country, too many exceptions in a single sentence) why create a scene out of it?

Unless the couple kissing in the middle of the public park affects your relationship(s) in any way, why not let them be?

Isn’t it ironic? We, as a country, as so quick to react to anything and everything that shows any hints of change, being one of the slowest ones to adapt to change itself?


Extremism is actually as bad as this article makes it sound. How bad or good it can get is subjective what we’re acting against.


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