Video Selfie App #Velfie: We Liv’ED It

Dubsmash was one app that took the world by surprise. A simple concept, yet an elegant treatment meant that the app was being used the commoner and celebrities alike. Looking to cash in on the moolah of people miming their favorite dialogues, is another app called #velfie.


Liv’ED decided to give this one a go and here’s what we had to say.

#velfie as the name suggests allows to select your favorite dialogues and record video selfies with the audio being played by the application.

The user interface is okay, but nothing exceptional. The Dubsmash user interface is more minimalistic, yet classy.


The sounds cater more to the Indian audience with the focus on Bollywood, and the sound variety is understandably much less. However, the app may be slightly more expansive in terms of its Bollywood variety.


The app recording experience is pretty similar, with the sound being downloaded off the internet and then allowing you to record your velfie. The app also allows you to upload sounds from your phone.


However, one constantly nagging feature on this app the sound you use gets downloaded on your phone and becomes a part of your music library. So while randomly shuffle through your playlist listening to John Mayer, it doesn’t make for a very good hear of “ek baar jo maine …….” The processing time is also slightly more than dubsmash, although that is something that can be overlooked.

However, a good feature on this app displays the text of the dialogue making it a tad bit easier to mime the tunes of your favorite sounds.


However, the text looks out of sync with the other user interface in terms of design and needs to be incorporated more efficiently.

So just as we wrap this edition of the Liv’ED we had some of your team members try the app, and this is what came out.


Criterion Rating (Out of 5)
Concept 2
User Interface(App) 3
Soundboard Diversity 3
App Experience 3
Ease of Use 3.5



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