The Africa The Media Never Shows You

“The darkest thing about Africa always has been our ignorance of it.”

– George Kimbley

This is what the case has always been like. We don’t know Africa for what it is, we’ve known only sides of it. Some of them picturesque, some heart-breaking. None of them depicting what Africa’s urban reality is. A more than valid reason for this – News media has a very favourite topic. Rather, a favourite side of an ever-in-the-light topic, the heart-wrenching Africa.

Africa is more than hunger-stricken tribes, epidemics and kids having giraffes for pets. Either for the reason of charity, awareness, or plain attention, news media seems to have focused on the darker side of Africa, depicting is as the disaster capital of the world for some time now.

Imagine a British journalist presenting in his article, “This is how Colonialism affected India…”, justified? Not completely. Not because of his ignorance, he might be very learned about the topic. The reason would be simpler, he doesn’t know first hand. He has seen a single side, and has attempted to learn about the second. These implications aren’t enough to let people make decisions.

Same is the case with Africa. Beautiful, civilized, developing, this state has so much more to showcase than the issues the world chooses to focus on, poverty, hunger, epidemics. Still, the developments that have been undertaken in Africa, even the major ones, have been either undetected or simply unpublished.

Sick of extreme stereotyping, young Africa rushes to save their image. The task they’ve undertaken isn’t easy, breaking stereotypes hasn’t ever been. The primary requisite from our sides would be an open mind and the willingness to change our perspective.

As reported by The Guardian, “The hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou goes viral on Twitter as young Africans rush to share positive pictures of the continent.”

Africa has a billion stories to tell, all of them aren’t half as sad.


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