A Tribute To Kalam


27th July 2015

This day shall go down in history, for centuries to come. A loss greater than any, an irrevocable loss. We are pained one and all to hear of the sudden and unexpected demise of the Greatest President India has ever seen-or ever will- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

This man has been a fonder memory that any of my other childhood memories. So with weeping eyes and pouring emotions, I present to you a small poem that I’ve written in this man’s honour:

You were the light at the end of the tunnel
The herald of hope and dreams
You were the guardian of the nation, the keeper of peace

But now that you’re gone, there’s a silence in the air
Like all elements have come together to mourn this day
Under a sky full of stars and eyes full of tears
May long live the virtues that stood to you so dear

May there rise another you from the clutches of time
For heroes are few, and such heroes is what we need.


Kalam was a nationalist, but also a strong institution builder who believed in building a self reliant India. The shock of his sudden demise has left the nation bereaved.

He collapsed while doing what he loved- addressing the youth- as if to tell us that: Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. Agar iss janam mein nahi, toh agle janam mein sahi. Milenge zaroor, yeh hai wada hamara.

India mourns his death, but will long celebrate his life.You’ll forever live in our hearts #the missile man of India


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