What These Semi-Feminist Movies Taught Us: Posters

We don’t appreciate chick flicks and sloppy romances only because they make us laugh on their silliness, or cry because they’re oh-so emotional, but because sometimes, they make us realize what we’re missing on, in terms of how we act or spend our days.
We do agree that some of these movies are far from being realistic, (and even that does not stop us from day-dreaming about Prince Charming et al ) they do contain some elements in them we can relate to.

So to summarize what these semi-feminist movies taught us, here are the posters.

1. English Vinglish

We don’t need boyfriends, husbands and not-at-all snotty kids to feel on top of the world.

english vinglish

2. Mardaani 

Brave. Unstoppable. Anything. All you need is the right cause.


3. Khoobsurat

You don’t need to change who you are, be it any level of lame, quirky or weird, to fit into someone else’s idea of who you should be.

4. NH10

All of us are made of the same old atoms. Who’s there to fear?


5. Mary Kom

The only person who could tell when it’s time? You.


6. Queen 

Proven yet again. Men seldom do us good. The only thing you need to learn – live like you always dream of.


Design Credits – A big thanks to ED’s own Abhinav Jain!


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