Unconventional Careers in the Sports Industry


Passionate about sports and want to make it big in the industry? Too lazy to play professionally? Too cool to do anything even bordering mainstream?

You’ve come to the right place!

What you are about to read is a virtual job fair for unconventional career opportunities in the sports industry.


Here are the top 6:


  1. Team Mascot

I know that this one kind of spells “give me a C, give me a H… (Cheerleader)” but to be honest, a mascot is way cooler! Yeah they don’t get to dress up with face-paint and pom-poms and scream slogans at the top of their voices, but instead they get to wear a cute fluffy costume! And what is more, they’re exclusive: just one per team. Seems like a fair trade-off, don’t you think?


  1. Golf Ball Diver

Quick question: What did you think happens to the golf balls you hit all over the course? Someone has to collect them all of course?! Wait, so what about the ones that land in the water (by mistake or on purpose)? Yep, someone has got to get them too and they are called the Golf Ball Diver. Remember them the next time you make a splash!




  1. Horse Physiotherapist

Athletes get injured; they consult a doctor, undergo physiotherapy and become fit again to get back in the game (literally). Sounds basic enough. So what about horses in equestrian sport? They need physiotherapists too! They could also be called veterinarians or masseuses but physiotherapist seems more apt, so we’ll just go with it.


  1. Waterboy

If you think running a marathon or a cross country requires endurance and strength and stamina, well so does this job! Although they don’t participate in the race, waterboys (or girls) play a crucial role. They hand out water to the athletes from the side lines ensuring that they remain hydrated and do not collapse. Both the athletes and they themselves.


  1. Lollipop Man

We all know who this is, we just never knew that this is what he is called. So in simple easy to understand terms, you know that person who stands in front of a Formula One car with a prop to make the driver stop at a pit stop? That’s a lollipop man. He is there to remind the driver to keep the break pressed while the tire change, etc. is in progress. I’m pretty sure this one comes with a waiver form: “In case of any mishaps, the company is not responsible…”


  1. Tapper

This one is the most noble, and so saving the best for last, a Tapper is what is known as a sighted sports guide. They assist blind swimmers by tapping them with a pole when they are nearing the end of a length. It is a job that requires extreme precision as the tap should be coordinated with the stroke. As though the pressure wasn’t enough, a Tapper must also have perfect timing because in sport a millisecond could prove to be the difference between first and second.



The follow up article will be on how to pursue the aforementioned professions.

Only joking of course; otherwise number 7 will be: “Career Counsellor for Unconventional Professions in the Sports Industry” (yeah, me)!




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