Trash It Trend It

There is always some good to some bad… So here are few things we love and few we wanna shove!

If you think we missed something, tell us in the comments :)

Trend it

1. Paper Town’s new trailer. We heart it. Read the book first though. John Green ya!

2. University of Cambridge is looking to hire a professor of Lego. Quick! Send in your CVs.

3. Newly de-classified FBI documents suggest that Hitler fled to Argentina and lived a peaceful life in the Andes. Time to rewrite history perhaps?

unnamed (2)

Trash it

1. Maggi muddle. Gimme back my noodle.

unnamed (3)

2. Dust storm in Delhi NCR. Weather, make up your mind.

3. Jurassic World. Boo, I’m not scared.


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