Papa Kehte hai… This Fathers Day

My dad and I aren’t what you call verbose with each other. Zyada baat nahi hoti. Especially the senti talks. Yet, I am his spitting image. Physically and on the inside.

Fathers Day. Hats off to the unsung Heroes…

In our house, he wears the pants. As a kid, I was as terrified of him. But over the years, and with me moving out, some things changed…

Eventually, I outgrew my irrational terror and became what he always tried to make of me – an active, independent, healthy and happy woman. His kinda girl. I remember resisting. I remember him losing his temper and getting upset. I remember crying. I remember silent treatments. But today, I am everything that should have been an easier result of what got complicated.

Now we are more comfortable with each other. I can remember the more important things… I remember him waking up at night and taking care of me when I wet the bed. I remember him bathing me, making my breakfast (Jam and bread, 4 out of 6 school days), ironing my uniform, polishing my school shoes, running me to stop after bus stop (I was always late) and I remember him waiting there till I found a seat and the bus moved on. I remember him waking up an hour early just to teach me no-training-wheels cycling.


I remember the day I saw the Nirbhaya documentary at my hostel, and calling him up to thank him for watching over me all these years. He was alarmed initially, but when I explained, he changed the topic. That confused me, I mistook it for his awkwardness with emotion. Dumb was I! He merely did it to distract me, to help me think of lighter things and remove the heavy subject from my heart. That is how my papa is.

So after all the ruckus on Facebook about Mother’s Day posts, I decided that I will not address my Dad there. Instead, spend some quality time, yeah?

Most of us lose the close connection with our old man when we hit puberty. Often start rebelling when scolded for our own good. If you are one of those kids who’d rather confess to Dad than Mom, feel lucky. But if you are shy of approaching pop, remember that you are half him. So even if your Daddy has a stern look, give him a puppy face, give him a trustworthy kid, give him your Love. He gave you his unconditionally, and will undoubtedly continue doing so…

So whoever your daddy is, wherever you live, please make sure that at least today, you make him feel special. God knows he deserves it.

Daddy day
Some Super Heroes don’t wear capes… They are called Dads

Here is a little suggestion: If you gonna stay home and watch a movie, we recommend:

English: Persuit of Happyness, Father of the Bride, Dear John

Hindi: Waqt, Paa, Baghban

Animated: Finding Nemo, The Lion King


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