Lucie Safarova and Stanislas Wawrinka


Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Lucie Safarova!

For she is the real hero of the French Open. She and Stanislas Wawrinka.


Two weeks ago, we could not have predicted what they achieved. And for this, they deserve all the applaud and recognition there is.


Ladies first, so here we go.


Lucie Safarova (Before: world number 13, After: world number 7)


If there ever was a dream run, it was this. There is absolutely no doubt.

She made us gasp, exclaim and celebrate along the way. For there is something about supporting the underdog, and she didn’t let a single fan down.


Just for five minutes, or alternatively, the length of this article, let’s forget about Grand Slam titles.

So what if she didn’t get the icing on the cake or the cherry on the top? She had a fantastic journey filled with unbelievable milestones.



Graphic credits: Harshita Sharma


Along with her partner, she claimed the Doubles title, winning her second Grand Slam. But her wonderful journey in the Single’s event will always be a bigger deal.



Stanislas Wawrinka (Before: world number 8, After: world number 3)


Claiming his second Grand Slam title, his fairy-tale sure did have a happy ending!

He showed courage and determination and went all the way till the end, running through the finish line, pushing the satin red ribbon with his chest, as his hands found their way to lifting the Cup!



 Graphic credits: Harshita Sharma


We always celebrate the winners; the ones who get over the line. But this time, let’s celebrate achievement. Let’s celebrate the ones that surprised us and stunned their opponents (quite literally).


Thus it is clear that this French Open, there were two heroes.

Ironically, they both faced the world number one on their final step towards the journey. And as luck would have it, one of them made it and the other didn’t.


Or did she? Well she did.


So, put your racquet up in the air and smile and wave to the crowd. Hold that silver plate with pride and take a bow. Because, you deserve it.

Here’s to one more Grand Slam, and to singing the unsung.




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