Humans Story Part 4: Meet Mr. Shyam Lal


Here is someone we probably don’t stop by and make a conversation with in our everyday life. But they always have some inspiring stories.

Meet Mr. Shyam Lal. He has been selling garlands for over 20 years and loves it.

Q. But sir why this job?

A. I was a farmer. We had a small farm in our village Nakur, near Saharanpur. My wife used to help me on farm. My son was an assistant post master at the village post office.

Everything was going well. One fine day, my son caught fever. I took him to the Vaid (the village doctor). He gave me some herb and told me to feed its leaves to my son. But unfortunately, my son’s condition only worsened. I, along with one of my neighbour, took my son to Saharanpur. We got him admitted in a private hospital. My son was diagnosed with malaria. They asked for Rs. 50,000. I had to mortgage my farm to get the money. But the doctors could not save my son. As I failed to pay the loan, my farm was abducted. We had no source of livelihood.

My daughter was married in Delhi. So she called us here. We sold our house and came here, bought a one room flat near our daughter’s place in Hauz Rani.

I had to find a job. So I started selling garlands.

Q. How much do you earn a day?

A. It varies occasionally. If it is a festive season going on, I earn 500-600 a day. In normal business days, it is only 100-200 a day.

Q. Do you enjoy doing your job?

A. Sure, I do. Through my garlands I’m able to contribute in people’s celebration. Also, through these garlands I’m able to earn little bit money, which when I take back home, brings a smile to my wife’s face. What else do I need?

His patience and love for small things is definitely inspiring.

The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.

And that’s what we learn from Mr. Shyam Lal.


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