Friendly Fridays Chapter 29: Ace Shooter Abhinav Bindra

As part of the “International Sports Legends on Friendly Fridays” Campaign, ED chats up with 3 biggest names from the sporting world and this week we have with us, Ace Shooter, Olympic Medalist Abhinav Bindra.

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Team ED: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Abhinav Bindra: Hardworking, Ethical, Simple.

Team ED: What is your personal aim, your goal in life?
Abhinav Bindra: To win as many Olympic medals and glory for India, do equally well in other spheres of life and contribute to develop India as a Sporting Nation.

Team ED: How did things change for you after the Olympic win and the sudden stardom, fame and public life?
Abhinav Bindra: I became an overnight sought celebrity, a household name but on a personal level life was the same for me and also at present I prefer a grounded life.

Team ED: What was the ‘real’ reason behind your retirement from professional shooting and what keeps you busy now?

Abhinav Bindra: There is no real reason behind my retirement. I have only retired from Asian / Common Wealth Games but not from World Cups / Olympic Games and if the National call is there, I have no reason to say no.

Team ED:What would be your alter ego?

Abhinav Bindra: My Mother “Babli” is my alter ego, with whom I share my emotions, pain and disappointments in equal measure.

Team ED: If you could choose to be born in some other nation, which one would it be and why?

Abhinav Bindra: Germany. I have spent a major part of my life there, training. It has the best systems in place with equality for everyone’ life, which suits me.

Team ED: If the sports authorities in the country are not supportive, what is the way a budding sports person can make his mark in the world?

Abhinav Bindra: Parents’ support – Corporate support– Sporting NGOs’ support plus a lot of hard work from your end.

Team ED: One piece of advice you would want to give to college goers who wish to take up shooting as a career. Should they take up the conventional education based career or non-conventional career in sports like shooting?

Abhinav Bindra: A shooting career requires hard, focused, determined life but my advise is to never neglect education and rather create a balance between the two.

Team ED: You come across as a very serious, sober person. What’s been your craziest, wackiest, wildest moment?

Abhinav Bindra: My wackiest, wildest moment was during my training for Beijing Olympics in Germany. I climbed a 80 ft pole to balance myself and to dispel human fear. It was surely a mad moment for me.

Team ED: Thank you so much Sir for your time and this insightful conversation. We hope to see you shining in the field and winning India some great laurels. 

Abhinav Bindra: Anytime. Thanks for having me.

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So guys, see you around next week with yet another great sporting legend, and till then, Adios!

(Interview Conceptualized by Pratishtha Mahajan)

(Banner credits: Abhinav Jain)


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