Dil Dhadakne Donut- Foodie version

Q: What did the doughnut say to his therapist?

A: I feel empty inside… just so tired of the hole business!!

*Insert forced mandatory “Haha!”*

:3 Please don’t stop reading… No more bad jokes, promise!

Here is a doughnut to make it up to you…

images (2)

Well people… Homer is soo excited! It’s Donut Day today!!! :D

homer donut


These delicious beauties have been such an important part of our lives! Remember the homemade kind?

indian donut

And then those that came in after Globalization?


They have been vital in history


And versatile in the present


There is so much you can do with them!!

Wear them…


Express through them…

images (3)

You might wanna take some help with that: http://www.madoverdonuts.com/

Tag your friends (please don’t be mean to the Miley :P)

images (6)

You could sit in their holes :P

swim in it

Or they could be sitting in yours!! ;)


So something so precious requires protection. In fact, the American cops like donuts more than Americans like fries… wait, what?


There is a hole lot of donut talk in town…Here’s what Forbes posted about the holey treats and social media…


The above opinions belong solely to those represented. Economy Decoded has nothing to say. Because we can’t talk right now… We are busy stuffing our faces…

Psst… here is a little trivia. Last year, lots of doughnut sellers across the globe sold free doughnuts in celebration of Donut Day… So go on, ask your nearest outlet to indulge you in a free treat. If they agree, send us some too. If they don’t, you never saw this… and you can’t catch us anyway! Hwah!!



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