A Dozen Minion Things

Belloooo Papa Gaena!!! Pwede na??

So a few weeks from now, people are gonna dress up in yellow and rush to the cinemas for the third movie of (perhaps) the most adorable creatures on the planet. JUST A FEW WEEKS MORE! So, let’s do some homework. Here are some facts that even the most hardcore minion fans have missed…


  1. The word minion comes from the French word Mignon (pronounced mini-on) which literally means small. However, Wiktionary defines minions as “a loyal servant of another, usually more powerful, being”. Here’s the evidence…


  1. Who says it’s a Kids’ movie? Did you know? The Minions has been rated PG for Action and Rude Humor. Their tagline is “Uh OH.”



  1. Not all minions follow the bad guy. In the Twitter world, if you are a follower of Supernatural’s Angel Castiel (American Actor/Director Misha Collins) then you are a MINION! No, really! It’s a granted title!



  1. So far, all the minions we in the foreground have male names… Wait. I think I hear feminists coming!



  1. After the extreme success of the Despicable Me series (2010 and 2013), the Minion franchise has boomed: clothes, accessories, toys! They even have their own Game on PlayStore and AppleStore! It’s called Minion Rush. And as a huge fan with firsthand experience of the game, I DO recommend it!



  1. You know the cutest part of these little yellow men? Their voice! Who is behind the mic, you ask? Director Pierre Coffin. He voices all the 899 minions in the film! WTF!!

Screenshot (5)


  1. The Minions is the first ever movie in her entire Hollywood career (of 28 years) where Sandra Bullock is playing a villain. And doesn’t it feel soo good to be bad! *wink wink*



  1. The Minions is the longest movie ever made about The Despicable Me stars. Woohoo! More for us! :D

Screenshot (6)


  1. The three foremost minions: Ben, Stuart and Kevin are supposed to be based on Gru’s daughters’ characters: Agnes, Edith and Margo! Never made THAT connection did you?



  1. The minions have been roaming the Earth for so long now, that they know too many languages. And they have it all mixed up! Their tongue is a combination of French, Italian, Spanish, English, sometimes Latin, sometimes even Pig Latin! :P



  1. In Despicable Me 2, the monster minions are purple in color as opposed to the natural minions. So? Well, that’s because the two colors appear on opposite edges of the color spectrum.



  1. Just a last little spoiler: Rumor has it that another Despicable me movie may be in the making due for release in 2017. Yay!




So we hope you are ready now, backed with knowledge and wisdom about the MINIONS! Enjoy the movie!!!

Kampai!! Tankyu! Tufafifoo To Amo! Poopaye! (Share and comment for translation :P)


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