5 Instagrammers you need to follow!

Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with your family and friends. I didn’t make this up, that’s how the company describes it and it fits perfectly.

Devoted Igers, the term used for people who have an Instagram account, mingle with elements of surprise, candor, myriad hues and emotions as they capture moments from their life.  Yes, we have a lot of Igers with a feed that majorly comprises of selfies, selfies and selfies (#truth) but we aren’t asking you to follow those.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts that are unusual, thoughtful and live the true spirit of photography i.e. to a bring a photo that speaks a thousand words!


  1. @lightsonfilms

Satyarth Shaurya Singh, 1562 followers lights

Everyday objects, monochrome and exquisite. This is what defines his work. He captures people living and things existing.


  1. @zvizen

Vaibhav, 945 followers


Jaw-dropping, vivid and mesmerizing. He features as the Bukowski in my feed because if you start scrolling down his posts, you never want to stop and you cannot not wonder, “What the fudge!?”


  1. @daastan_e_streets

Ravi Kapoor, 866 followers

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.57.56 PM

Uncanny humor, trivial and off-beat. Like the name suggests, this account is a travel-diary in photos. It showcases ‘apna India’ as on hoardings, billboards and roads.


  1. @as1fk

Asif Khan, 1599 followers


Shadow-play, contrast and edgy. He knows how to make anything majestic while he captures people and architecture. You can also put yourself in awe by checking out his blog at www.as1fk.com


  1. @swakeet_

Swakeet Naik, 1255 followers


Minimalistic, impeccable and bokeh. Do you want to witness the divinity of depth of field, light and watch colors make love to the skies and blues? Follow him.

Photography has become exceedingly popular among all age groups in the present times. While some resort to the lens to voice their opinions, others deem it as a satisfying form of art. Regardless of what appeals to the photographer, these photos explore the intricacies of what surrounds us and bring it to life.

Tell us about your favourite shutterbugs and we can all experience the magic of a picture !



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