Tinder Dating App: Liv’ED it!

Two words. Three vowels. Four consonants. Seven letters and the phrase is:

It’s Over.

If you have heard this in the recent past or if you are single, then you must be thinking of dating, probably online but never mustered the courage.

This gave me an interesting idea to review one of the so called best dating applications that we have in the market right now, TINDER.1

Do People Actually Use It?

According to a popular research, there are 50 million active users on Tinder. These active users spend about 90 minutes of their day on the app checking their account roughly 11 times in 24 hours and it is so popular that even Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Duff are Tinder-ing. I guess these numbers and names are enough to tell how huge this thing is.


So How Does It Work?

Tinder basically uses your location services and your Facebook account to login. After the login, you can edit your images and discovery preferences for your match which include factors like search distance and age range. Save your desired settings and you are more than ready to go. Excited already? ;)



Now you will start seeing images of possible matches and here’s the part I love the most : if you find the person on the screen ‘fancy’ then swipe the image to the right to like them or left if you don’t. If you have liked a person and they also like you then BINGO! It’s a “Match”…Shaadi Mubarak Ho. No silly, after this a chat can be initiated. Don’t get too excited also now.



My Experience

I started with the same process spending several hours swiping the images to left and right at different locations and at different times.

5Note: I’m not attaching any image of left swipes since I’m not here to humiliate or embarrass anyone. It is all in good spirit.



But after several hours of swiping spread over 8 days till I get ‘likes over’ or ‘there’s no one new around you’ prompt, I ended with this image.

7Whaaa! I mean seriously? Not even a single match after all that sweat and blood of hard work?

Now this calls for a serious dichotomy lesson so I went deeper into the mechanism of how Tinder works and how in the world, they couldn’t find me one decent match!

So the secret is: Both the people swipe individually in a random order and they need to swipe one another right to make a match work, which reduces the chances of having a bingo exponentially, since the other person is never notified about their likes unless they like the person back. Much unlike Facebook.

And here, I wasted 8 days on this. So Einstein-ish of me! -_-

What Else I Didn’t Like:

  • You are only restricted to 160 kilometers of distance to find a match and you can never get the person back once you have swiped them in either direction. If you want to upgrade these features then you can buy the full version for 183 bucks. Yeah right! I might as well go and eat a burger.
  • 8


  • You get limited likes and once you are finished with them, wait for 12 hours. I thought 30 minutes for a candy crush life was too much in any case.
  • 9


  • Security is another issue as it just requires the Facebook login and it is very easy to fake that. Isn’t it Gayatri? ;)
  • Possible suggestions are given in a very random order; no option to provide interest based suggestions.
  • You can only access Tinder through the app; they do not have any website.


Big Verdict:

I cannot afford to rate this app more than 1 on a scale of 5.

Yes, it was fast, UI is amazing and it is fun to use but it doesn’t solve its purpose.

We already have Instagram if all you want to do is look at cute pictures and I personally feel Facebook can land you more dates than this.

I really don’t find Tinder worth my time and energy.

P.S: BTW girls, if you liked my post, don’t forget to connect with me here, who needs Tinder after all! :P


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